- [work by david Opp]

DEVICE < - - - > INTERFERENCE [V01] 2011-2012

Commissioned by The Victoria & Albert Museum, London. for the DECODE exhibit at the Design Museum, Hulon, Israel.
[November 2011 - March 2012]
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since 1.2011 i have been working at the artist residancy program at Mamuta in Jerusalem. below are some of the new devics created there:

DEVICE-CLICKER-C02p [this is the second prototype] a series of 8 non identical units
a performance using these DEVICEs will be held at Mamuta, Jerusalem,
October 29th as part of Manofeem Art Festival


DEVICE-CBP03 - [coffee bag trio]

DEVICE-[RR-SP0b] based on a reel-to-reel-tape.
recordings of this are available on the Zimmer comp from tape fest 2011 [CD release].

ARCHIVE 001 - 020
was first launched as a web zine in 1995 [New York]
the final installment; 020 is from 2002 [Tel-Aviv]
Currantly this site also reflects other projects by david Opp.

DAY-DREAM 001 - 020 [linked here] also includes works by Noah Stollman.

this site may not function properly,
some of the old scripts including sound & interaction, are no longer supported.
the use of an old mac, running old software and out-of-date plugins is encouraged.

001-016 is also available at the San Francisco MoMA permanent collection.