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Elevator Monkey [video]
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Red Circle [dashed]
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Ceremonies & Rituals [video]
Occupation Loops Triptych
27th Letter [ADC]
Ceremonies [video]
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Occupaion Mother Terror
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DAY-DREAM.cdR [video]
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The DAY-DREAM.cdR, Released 1999, mac only cd rom with over 300mb of compressed data featuring works by:
Noah Stollman
E13 [Eric Rosevear]
C404 [Yoshi Sodeoka]
David Opp

the main navigation is using random scripts and an animating navigation that does not allow the user to select a specific work.
pack includes 21.5" x 8" poster featuring an upside-down dried boiled anchovy and a bunch of stickers. The cdr was purchased for the permanent collection of the San Francisco MOMA and may still be available through these distributers: http://www.shift.jp.org/ [Japan] & http://fiftyfifty.ORG [Spain].

note: The cdr may not work on certain OSX systems.

one of the navigation screens was later purchased by MTV networks as the show open for 120 minutes in M2 Europe.

package, posters and stickers.

a video of me experiencing the cdr. slightly over blown sound.

Controller used for navigation